How to get that photo from the email to your phone (iPhone version)

Did your kids send you a great photo of the grand children?


You can easily look at it on your phone, but it really isn’t on your phone while it’s just attached to the email. You won’t be able to print it, if you bring it to Chris’ Camera Center we won’t be able to access it to make a print or a coffee mug or a Christmas card.

Before you can do anything with it, you want to – you have to – get it to your iPhone’s photo gallery. If the photo arrived attached to an eMail or a message, here’s all you have to do:

Find the photo you want to work with, whether it’s inserted in the mail or attached to it.  Tap600

  1. Tap on it so it fills the screen
  2. Hold your finger down upon it until you see this messageIMG_3791 

tap the instruction “save image”


The photo will automatically be saved in photos.

You can easily create “Albums” of photos. For example, you could make an album called “Grandchildren” and put in all the photos of your grandchildren. Then at the slightest provocation you could show your friends the latest pics of Sean and Elizabeth.

Within the Photos window, go to “Albums” and press the + sign.


Assign a name to the album.



Now you can select the photos you want and add them to the album, but that’s a topic for a different day.


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