iPhones take decent photos – but sometimes you need a camera

CameraVphoneSometimes you want more than you can get with that phone. Sure, phones are convenient and you’ve always got them with you. But that camera is crammed in a tiny corner. It doesn’t have a very big sensor and it doesn’t have a zoom lens at all.

“But I can zoom with my phone!” you protest. Not really – the camera just blows up the center few pixels when you zoom. Here’s what I mean – two photos from exactly the same place, one with an iPhone and one with a Canon ELPH 170.

Photo taken with iPhone 5S

Here’s the photo with the iPhone. See that bright red arrow pointing to the “Character” sign”? You can’t even make it out with the iPhone.

Taken with Canon ELPH 170 at maximum zoom

Same spot, with the Canon ELPH 170, from exactly the same location. Now this is not a gigantic camera with a yard-long lens. It’s a skinny little Canon with a 12-power optical zoom lens and a 20 megapixel sensor.

If you scroll up to the top you can see me holding a phone and the Canon camera. The camera is just a little thicker but it’s actually a bit smaller in the length and width department.

Cameras excel in other areas, too. You’ve got far more creative control, better action stopping, and a powerful – controllable – flash unit.


Here’s what those cameras look like (we’ve got them in both blue and silver):

  • 12X zoom is like having a 25-300mm on your old 35mm camera
  • Shoot high definition video anytime, anywhere – it’s got a separate button that is much easier to choose than on your phone
  • 20 Megapixel Sensor, and the pixels are much bigger than the ones in your phone. That means better, sharper photos.

And when you buy this or any other camera from us you get $25 tuition credit toward one of our classes.

Here’s the deal:

$169.99, there’s an Instant Rebate of $30 from Canon making your out-the-door cost just $139.99.

Buy any two memory cards with this camera, get another $15 Instant Rebate.

Offer runs through at least July 2nd, maybe a little longer if I’m feeling generous.





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