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Why are you AFRAID of your slides?

Admit it. You’ve got a ton of slides that you’re actually afraid of.

You’d like to have them converted into a digital format so you could see them again (the old slide projector went to the Goodwill 15 years ago).

Maybe you tried scanning them on a flat bed scanner and realized it would take forever to do them all, and the quality wasn’t all that good.slidescanheader

Maybe you wanted us to do that for you, but even when we are running a sale it can cost a lot. Yeah, they’re priceless memories but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune.

PanavueScannerSuppose you could get a small piece of gear for $130 that would let you preview your slides so you knew what was what – scan them directly to a memory card, so you don’t even need a computer – and make a big 14 megapixel digital file from each one. You can even adjust the brightness an color density on the built-in LCD screen.

Scanning 50 Carousels can seem like a a daunting job, and it would be if you tried to do them all at one time. But if you started tomorrow and did two trays each weekend – maybe while you’re watching TV – you’ll be done by Christmas. Remember, you don’t have to be hooked up to a computer while you’re doing this!

By the way, that same scanner can be used to scan your 35mm negatives, and with an optional holder you can also scan those 110 negatives from your old Pocket Instamatic!

The Pana-Vue Pana-Scan is usually $149.99, including the rechargeable battery system and carriers for both slides and negatives. Say you saw it on this page and it’s just $129.99 thru July 28th.